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3 Pearl Statement Necklaces that are Super Trendy!

Posted on 20 November 2014

Nothing makes an outfit go from great to fantastic like an amazing statement necklace. When we add a statement necklace to our attire, it gives it a special flare and brings attention to not only our clothing, but also our faces.

What is a statement necklace?

A statement necklace is an amazing necklace that adds dimension to your outfit. They are bold and come in a variety of colors and materials; they are usually large and chunky with lots of dangles, beads, or intricate details that make people stop and stare. Most statement necklaces come in the shape of bibs, chokers, collars, and large pendants.  Statement necklaces may also come with a matching pair of earrings to complete the accessory.

What’s trending in statement necklaces?

PEARLS! Pearls are not just for grandma anymore! Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have all been spotted in amazing pearls statement necklaces that looked amazing.

So have you been looking for the perfect pearl necklace? Well, have no fear because we have chosen our top 3 pearl statement necklaces that will draw attention to your look. Check them out:

Swan Silver Necklace | Helen's Jewels 

Swan Silver Necklace- Elegant and timeless. This silver plated design, embellished with pearls and pewter pearls will look great with your evening gown or a black sweater. $38.


Feather Pearl Necklace (Black)- This beautiful statement necklace has eight pearls set on gemstone pendants. The square gold link chain makes this piece perfect for a night out in your cutest date night outfit. $33.

 Pearl Statement Necklace | Helen's Jewels

Pearl Statement Necklace- This Pearl Statement Necklace was created to stand out. The refined materials used make this necklace both beautiful and classic.  The brilliant merge of classic and funky makes a statement without saying a word. Add this necklace to a pair of jeans and sheer black blouse and watch it work! $37.

All of these amazing statement necklaces can be purchased in our Necklaces collection

What do you think of these statement necklaces? Will you be adding them to your wardrobe?

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