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The Ugly Christmas Sweater Fad

Posted on 09 December 2014

Ugliest christmas sweater

The time has come when fashion has taken a complete 180 degrees.  This means that what fashion first claimed as a total Faux pas has now become the “IT” thing to wear. This happens often in fashion as the generations of fashionistas change and their style becomes a lot more daring and unique.

You remember that sweater that your grandma bought or better than that, made for you when you were a teen, and she couldn’t wait to see you in it? You know, that Christmas sweater that you pray never shows up in your new fashionable wardrobe? The one that you dread being seen as people take a look at the holiday pictures from years or decades ago? Well, they are back!

The ugly Christmas sweater has now become the fashion statement that women and men are eager to find in their favorite department stores. This year alone, there have been a few consignment shops that have a special rack just for these hideous fashion finds. There is also a website that is dedicated to helping you find these fashion disasters quickly and affordably. National Ugly Sweater Day http://www.nationaluglychristmassweaterday.org/ gives a listing of stores that will provide you with your desirable needs to be an oxymoron of ugly and chic all at once. Tipsy Elves (www.tipsyelves.com)

This does not mean that all of the sweaters are so ugly that you can lose your lunch, but there are some that you can’t believe were made with the interests of some purchasing it. Most awesome, is that there are people that actually buy them, like the one you see here.

So what is your choice? Do you dare to wear the Ugly Christmas sweater? We would love to see you in your Christmas sweaters so show us on our Instagram @helensjewels.

Use the hashtag #uglyxmassweater

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