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The Gift of Gold: 3 Great Reasons to Wear Gold!

Posted on 11 December 2014

While there are many reasons to wear gold during the holidays, we have 3 great reasons why it should be your color for the New Year! Many people believe that the way they bring in the new year is how their year will turn out. So why not chose a color that is all about wealth, winning, and fashion?

Confidence- If you have always been a little shy, then wearing the color gold is a smart way to be a little daring. Adding a little gold to your wardrobe will draw attention to your style. A nice gold scarf or a gold handbag can become a conversation piece. Be ready for compliments and lots of admirable stares.

Fashionable- Gold is a very fashionable color to wear. It is a color that draws attention and makes you stand out in the crowd. People will be drawn to your look and admirable of your boldness to pull of such a dynamic hue. Wearing a gold sequins dress with a pair of red stilettos is the way to go when being a fashionista dynamo. Remember that too much gold can be tacky and tasteless so remember to do it with style.

Trendy- Thanks to stylish celebrities like Charlize Theron, for the Christian Dior perfume ad, gold is the trend for 2015. The New Year will be filled with brightness and delight.

While these suggestions are relative to your preference, it is a great way to build your confidence, to be a fashionista, and a trend setter if you use gold colors the right way! Check out Reddit, for awesome style tips as well!

What do you think of the color gold? Is this a color that you will wear for the New Year?


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